Mahesh Children School

Co Curricular Activities

  1. Play group activities and teaching through play way method for all classes.
  2. Parents Teacher Meeting.
  3. Annual Day Celebrations.
  4. Organization of Cultural Program by Staff and Students on Relevasnt occasions.
  5. Excursion / Picnics
  6. Independence Day, Republic Day, Basant Panchmi and other important celebrations.
  7. Games, Craft, Drawing, Debates, Rangoli competitions, General Knowledge competitions and exhibitions(as per age of students.
  8. General assembly on Saturday.
  9. Science and Computer:
    Keeping in mind the advancement made in the sphare of information Technology, Computer labs with all modern facilities are available.
  10. Co Curricular Activities:-
    Half of Saturday is devoted to co-curricular activities. These activities include Sports, Debates, Quiz, Elocution, Declamation, Extempore activities, Essay writing, Song Competition, Rangoli, Recitation etc.
  11. Emotional Culturing:-
    In today's busy stressful world a balance in emotions is an important necessary, Counseling and imparting informal value education is part of our program to implement this goal as well as ensure a healthy relationship between the student and the teacher.
  12. Smart Class:- It is a new version in education. The use of education technology can bring a huge change in education. Internet and e-learning devices can make class room environment extremely amazing. Teaching through computer, internet and multimedia lessons are avaliable which is helpful in creating intrest in students. Smart classes are like power point presentation which enable the learners to grap the concepts easily. They are of great help to teachers in providing comfertable and intersting environment to the students.
    Students today are no more passive listeners but they are active participants who demand for an interactive class to express their ideas, feelings and emotions freely. The audio-visual depicition of the concepts enables the learner to relate the concepts with their daily lives and also develops better understanding to them.
Mahesh Children School

Rules And Regulation

  1. No admission is complete until the school-leaving certificate from the last recognized school is produced.
  2. The principal reserves the right to test the child for the new admission. A preliminary test will be given to the child seeking admission. A Preliminary test will be given to the child seeking admission.
  3. Pupil failing twise a class will have to be withdrawn by the parents.
  4. Irregular attendance, no payment of fees, disobedience, misconduct are sufficent reason for dismissal of a student from the school without any notice.
  5. The minimum age for the nursery class is 2 years and 6 months
  6. Refinement of manners, habit of obedience and order, neatness in dress and punctuality are required at all times
  7. The students must wear uniform on all days. Chappals are not allowed.
  8. Parents are requested to see the Weekly/Monthly progress cards and note the
  9. Please note that the promotion of your ward to the next heigher class depands on his/her total performance during the entire session and due credit is given to assignment. Written and oral periodical tests, quarterly, half-yearly and annual examinations.
  10. Marks of quartely, half-yearly examination and the test will be added to the annual marks. Re-test of the unsuccessful students is held before summer vacations.