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A clear one month’s notice or one month’s fee in lieu thereof is necessary in case a parent wants to withdraw his/her child from the school.

The following categories of pupils may be asked to withdraw from the school.:-

(a)  Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to profit from the education imparted in the school.

(b)  Those whose fee in arrears.

(c)  Those whose behavior, in the opinion of the School Management, harmful in the interest of the school.

(d)  Those who indulge in cheating, misconduct or adoption of unfair means in the examination.

(e)  Those whose parents show disrespect to the school Management, Principal and Staff.

(f)  For refund of caution money, one weeks notice/Performa application in writing must be given to enable the applicant/parent application in writing must be given to enable the applicant/patent to withdraw the security in respect of his/her child.

(g)  Caution money is refundable on the written application of the parent within 3 months of the date of withdrawal of the child from the school after adjustment of all outstanding dues of the school against the Child. On the expiry of the said period, the security will lapse to the school.